The official marketplace for Krogan game
The marketplace will be a key component of the game, with all the features needed to buy, sell, auction, and send offers for NFTs. Additionally, it's the first Marketplace that shares profits with the community. Holding 3+ spaceship NFTs will make you a shareholder and earn 30% of all the revenue generated. Read more on Tokenomics and earning possibilities here.

Transactions on Krogan Marketplace

To purchase an NFT you can either look for an existing supply in the marketplace and purchase it or make a generous and anonymous offer to the person already owning your favourite NFT item.
To sell an NFT you can either create a fixed price offer or add it for auction with a minimum price to be accepted. People will then see your offer and purchase or bid with a higher price than the minimum accepted.


In order to increase transparency and have fair NFT prices, the marketplace will display all the attributes an NFT will have, static and dynamic. This way everybody can make an informed decision without any blockchain knowledge.
With V2 of the Marketplace, we will be able to host other NFT collections in the marketplace and we will look to make partnerships to include them in the game.
Do you wish to sell your NFT somewhere else? You are in control! The NFTs belong to you and you can use any 3rd party marketplace or even transfer it to a friend.