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Krogan Team

Entire team is Amsterdam based 🇳🇱

Dan Merlea

Co-Founder Krogan & Software Developer ~ 10 years relevant experience
Crypto enthusiast since 2017, after building relevant experience in the decentralized applications and gaming world, the idea of Krogan was born.

Irina Leonte

Co-Founder Krogan & Strategic Partnerships Manager ~ 5 years relevant experience
NFT enthusiast and one of the first crypto kitties lover. With both technical skills and experience in growth hacking and building long term partnerships, she will help Krogan become one of the best communities on the MultiversX blockchain.

Sebastian Avram

Web3 Developer ~ 6 years relevant experience
Owner of 2 cats😸, fan of the Metaverse and curious about anything in the crypto industry. Strong passion for building pixel-perfect UIs with a seamless user experience.

Laura Dinu

Social Media Manager ~ 2 year relevant experience
Experience with copywriting and content creation, Laura will make sure we consistently keep our community up-to-date with our endless new features.