Earn Krogan ESDT (KRO)

This part is the most interesting one, right?

Game economy

The game features a complex game economy in which the tokens flow from one player to another with the mission of growing the factions together.

Read more on Tokenomics here.

Earning opportunities

Having a complex game economy reveals some opportunities as well.

  • Each planet has a number of slots that you can lend or use for your own companies.

  • Fill the gaps in the economy by creating a company where there is a need.

  • Mine asteroids & comets and help companies develop products.

  • Look for the precious ANT token.

  • Participate in various events across the map. ( Still in development )

You can use your newly purchased items to generate some damage to the enemies. If successful, this can grant you some nice resources and reduce their colony crew. When an enemy has been eliminated, a box with be revealed to you with the materials from the cargo.

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