Earn Krogan ESDT (KRO)

This part is the most interesting one, right?

Game economy

The game features a complex game economy in which the tokens flow from one player to another with the mission of growing the factions together.

Earning opportunities

Your crew number plays a crucial role in your earning power. With the right amount of crew members, you can:
  • Colonize planets
  • Create companies
  • Mine asteroids & comets
  • Provide support in mining raw materials
  • Provide support in crafting items in companies
Apart from using the crew to generate a profit, you can use your newly purchased items to generate some damage to the enemy. If successful, this can grant you some nice resources and reduce their colony crew.

The earning pool

Last but not least, the earning pool is a very important piece of the puzzle.
This accounts for 50% of all the supply of Krogan Token. These tokens will be spread out over a longer period of time and earned by users based on their activity.
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