The official schema for the native token used in the game
KRO is a community owned token, in a simulated economy where players fight for supremacy over the universe.
Players use KRO to enhance their power in the game. Both factions and players compete for KRO, leading to intense competition and collaboration between groups. By staking KRO you can participate in voting for Faction Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Faction DAOs).
KRO holders will be able to claim rewards if they engage in battles, complete in-game quests or stake their tokens.
Additional KRO can be earned through analyzing demand in the Kroganverse by:
  • creating companies and selling items to other players
  • mining for resources and selling them to other players

Token distribution

The supply is 500.000.000 KRO tokens and it will be distributed according to the above schema.
Since KRO is a community owned token, no previous private sales were held and the team has funds locked for 1 year with quarterly vesting after that.
60% of the whole supply will be in the hands of investors.
The treasury will be governed by the top accounts staking KRO once the network has become sufficiently decentralized.

Supply model

Burning: The funds spent by Faction DAOs on expansion and research will be burned.
Minting: No additional minting will take place. The supply is capped at 500.000.000 KRO with initial rewards that will be distributed with a 5-year plan, while at the same time filling the rewards pool for the next years.

Token utility

KRO token has the following use cases:
  • Governance: KRO holders may stake KRO to allow them to participate in the governance of factions.
  • Staking: Staking KRO for great APY returns.
  • In-Game Currency: Players are able to use KRO to trade and upgrade items. Factions can use KRO to expand their territory, increase defences, and research new technologies.
  • Gameplay Incentives: Earning rewards for in-game actions.
  • Marketplace currency: 0% commission on the marketplace for transactions with KRO

How to earn KRO

  • Staking: Stake your earned KRO to earn even more.
  • Play to Earn: The game will feature various quests to earn KRO. Additional ways of earning will be available through mining and trading.
  • NFTs: Holding 3+ spaceships NFTs will make you a shareholder of our Marketplace and earn 30% of all the revenue generated. The more NFTs you have, the bigger the share.
In the first year, staking will take 80% of all rewards for that year, due to the game being in development. From year 2023, the ratio of rewards will be 40% in staking and 60% in play to earn.
The rewards system is based on the distribution of 50% from the token supply - 250M tokens.
Year 1: 35% of the rewards supply ( 87.5M KRO ) Year 2: 30% of the rewards supply ( 75M KRO ) Year 3: 20% of the rewards supply ( 50M KRO ) Year 4: 10% of the rewards supply ( 25M KRO ) Year 5: 5% of the rewards supply ( 12.5M KRO ) Year 6+: Rewards will continue to be provided from the rewards pool. Read more on Token economy.
Decreasing reward amount over time will incentivize the players to wait for a better price to sell, leading to exponential price growth of KRO. By having this mechanism, we can deduct that the $value of the rewards will remain constant.

Token Economy

The KRO token was built to facilitate a complex economy. The more it circulates the more benefits brings to the community.
To maintain the supply capped at 500M and continue to provide great rewards for staking and playing the game, we introduced the "Rewards pool". 50% of all the company profits will be allocated here.
For the first 5 years of the project, rewards will be distributed from the initial 250M tokens allocated. From year 6 onwards, rewards will be distributed from the Rewards Pool.

Governance and Faction DAO

Faction Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are the biggest part of the game. Every player will be associated with one of these factions and will contribute to their success directly and indirectly.
All the transactions between players and companies within a faction will be taxed and 100% of this tax will go into the Faction Treasury. Factions will have a few leaders elected by the faction members that can propose how to spend these funds. When decided, the tokens will be spent, and the faction will get stronger. In 2 of the 3 options, the tokens used will be burned after the transaction.


To reward our early believers in the project, all owners of at least 1 Krogan spaceship NFT will be qualified for the 2% Airdrop.
Any received amount from airdrop will come with a 3 months vesting schedule. ( 33% per month ) This vesting period is intended to protect the liquidity injected from premature sales.
The airdrop amount for each address will depend on the number of NFTs owned at the time of the airdrop. To claim your $KRO, head over to our Krogan Launchpad, connect and click on wallet again to find the "Redeem Airdrop" section.
Update: Airdrop completed!