The official schema for the native tokens used in the game. KRO & ANT

KRO - Krogan Token

KRO is a community-owned token, in a simulated economy where players fight for supremacy over the universe.

Players use KRO to enhance their power in the game. Both factions and players compete for KRO, leading to intense competition and collaboration between groups. By staking KRO, you can vote for Faction Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Faction DAOs).

Players can claim rewards if they engage in battles, complete in-game quests or stake their tokens.

Token distribution

The supply is 250.000.000 KRO tokens and will be distributed according to the above schema.

Since KRO is a community-owned token, no private sales were held.

70% of the whole supply will be in the hands of users.

The treasury will be governed by the top accounts staking KRO once the network has become sufficiently decentralized.

Rewards Category ( 44% ) - Distribution

50% KRO-ANT Liquidity pool ( 55,000,000 KRO )

25% KRO staking ( 27,500,000 KRO )

15% In-game competitions ( 16,500,000 KRO )

10% Krogan NFT staking ( 11,000,000 KRO )

Supply model

Burning: The funds spent by players and factions in the game will have a 1% burn.

Minting: No additional minting will take place. The supply is capped at 250.000.000 KRO.

Token utility

KRO token has the following use cases:

  • Governance: KRO holders may stake KRO to allow them to participate in the governance of the in-game factions.

  • Staking: Staking KRO for great APY returns.

  • In-Game Currency: Players will use KRO to trade and upgrade items, create companies and colonize planets. Factions can use KRO to expand their territory, increase defenses, and research new technologies.

  • Marketplace currency: 0% commission on the marketplace for transactions with KRO

How to earn KRO

  • Staking: Stake KRO or ANT to earn KRO.

  • NFTs: NFT staking will be introduced in Q2 2023. Staking a part of the NFTs, not used in the game, can passively earn KRO. The more NFTs you have staked, the bigger the share.

  • Game: Special events will be held inside the game with KRO prizes.

Additional KRO can be earned through analyzing demand in the Kroganverse by:

  • creating companies and selling items to other players

  • mining for resources and selling them to other players

Token Economy

The KRO token was built to facilitate a complex economy. The more it circulates the more benefits brings to the community.

Governance and Faction DAO

Faction Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are the biggest part of the game. Every player will be associated with one of these factions and contribute to their success directly and indirectly.

All the transactions between players and companies within a faction will be taxed and 100% of this tax will go into the Faction Treasury. Factions will behave completely decentralized and members can propose how to spend these funds. When decided, the tokens will be spent, and the faction will get stronger. Some of the tokens used to improve the faction will be used to buy back ANT tokens and burn to rebalance the KRO-ANT liquidity pool.

KRO Airdrop

To reward our early believers in the project, all owners of at least 1 Krogan spaceship NFT will be qualified for the 4% Airdrop. Update: Airdrop completed!

ANT - Antimatter Token

The Antimatter token - ANT - is a special mineable material found in Kroganverse. It can be found on asteroids and it is the rarest material in the game.


The Antimatter token starts with a supply of 55,000,000 ANT which will be used to create a 1:1 liquidity pool with KRO. This will initially set the price for ANT = 1 KRO. Further supply will be controlled by the game.

Token Utility

Why does this token exist? In order to create an algorithmic way of delivering rewards, having a second token was necessary. While the token has an infinite supply, the burning mechanism will keep it in balance based on the game activity of the players.

ANT can be used to:

  • Boost spaceship repairs

  • Boost warp speed - travel faster between solar systems

  • Special bullets restock - Special guns will have a limited ammo supply

  • A company can boost production time for items

  • Extend module lifetime

  • Earn additional ANT by providing liquidity in the KROANT LP pool

  • Earn KRO by staking ANT

Additional utility will be added while the game evolves.

How to earn ANT

The current algorithm for creating ANT in the game is based on daily issuance. Random asteroids scattered across the Kroganverse galaxy will contain an amount of ANT which will constantly grow throughout the day. Every now and then, the server will be restarted and asteroids will be randomized again.

Initial daily issuance: 15,000 ANT/day - this is subject to change depending on the game stats, such as daily active players, economic activity in the game, and other factors.


All in-game actions that involve KRO have a percentage assigned to buy back ANT and burn it.

More details about this can be seen above in Token Economy and Faction DAO.


  • The Tokens can be used to access services from the Ecosystem and they possess the utilities mentioned above.

  • The Tokens are not securities or other types of financial instruments.

  • The Tokens are not guaranteed with fiat currencies or other assets.

  • No shares are granted in the Issuer‘s share capital and implicitly neither voting rights in the issuer entity of the Tokens, nor other rights regarding the acquisition of issuer’s shares including option rights by acquiring the Tokens.

  • No dividends are granted related to the eventual profits of the Issuer to the Tokens’ holders.

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