Planets, the real estate of Krogan universe. Planets can be inhabited and harvested.

Colonize a planet

Your spaceship NFT starts with a crew. Over time your crew will grow in size. Having a crew big enough will allow you to colonize an empty planet, making it yours. To colonize the planet, you need to pay a small fee to mint the NFT.

Owning a planet

Owning a planet gives you and your faction a few benefits.
  • Each planet is unique and produces various materials. These can be mined and sold to companies.
  • Planets can strategically be equipped with defense systems and will give invaders a hard time.
  • Owning a planet allows you to create a company or rent out the slot to another company.

Mining a planet

If you own a planet, you can mine it yourself or hire other players to do it for you. While mining, your crew cannot do anything else.

Asteroids and Comets

Across the game map, you will also find asteroids & comets moving randomly between the galaxies. These have a short lifespan, but they can be full of resources. Check them out!


Materials have a different rarity and every planet has a production rate.
Coming soon: the list of materials.