What is Kroganverse?

Our game revolves around our Spaceship NFTs but not only!

Our vision is to bring a lot more utility to NFTs in the MultiversX ecosystem, so we are opening the game for various projects that we see fit and that align with our vision. Through creative partnerships, we aim to bring even more functionality to the game.

How will partnerships work?

We will integrate the project into the game!

Every project integration is unique. Character projects will get to be the captain of your spaceship crew. While other types of projects might be integrated differently, by being branded items in the game, or even NPC that will behave in a certain way. The possibilities are endless and that's what makes this initiative great!

Character project integration

Each spaceship can have 1 captain. You can choose any partner NFT you might already have and assign it to your spaceship. Based on some tags that our partner NFTs will get, your spaceship will get some boosts in dynamic attributes and special combat abilities that can be triggered in fights. These can be either passive or active. While having a captain will give you benefits, this will be an optional feature.

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