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Build a company

To create a company you need to:

  • Have enough crew members to establish it.

  • Own a planet or a rented space on someone else's planet.

Company types

Choosing the right type of company for your faction can be a strategic choice both for you and for the faction. Please refer to the Items section to get information on all recipes available.


  • Check the demand for items you're about to produce (same as you would do it for a real business)

  • Check if there are enough raw materials available to buy for your company

  • Do the math, and see if it would be profitable


The amount of items a company can produce depends on the number of raw materials you have available.


To upgrade a company to the next level, producing better items, you need to have enough crew members to assign and it will use even more raw materials.


  • You cannot sell a company, but you can dissolve it.

  • Companies cannot be attacked.

  • The production of items takes time.

  • Companies can only produce 1 item type at a time. You can change the production type if you want.

  • The level of the item is equal to the level of the company.

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