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Material Rarity

While mining for the raw materials in the game, you'll notice that some materials are harder to find, while some of them can be found in abundance. Make sure you protect the materials that are scarce. They will come in handy!

Tech Tree (Crafting items)

There are 3 item layers that you need to keep in mind: Layer 1 - Materials (can be found on asteroids) Layer 2 - Components created from the raw materials Layer 3 - Final items mountable on your spaceship

How to build

A fill-request system has been created to encourage the collaboration between factions. Companies can either choose to create a Layer 2 or a Layer 3 item.

Collaboration between Layer 2 & Layer 3 companies When building a Layer 2 component, the company will have to create requests for the materials needed in the crafting recipe. Note that these can only be filled by other players, unless you create your own Base on your planet, to contribute with your own materials. When building a Layer 3 item, the company can purchase the components needed for the final item from the in-game market or choose to create requests.

How to sell

Layer 2

Once a company finishes building a Layer 2 component, can choose to: - directly fill the requests of other companies that have your Layer 2 component in the recipe - list it for sale on the in-game market, for other companies to buy when needed

A Layer 2 Component cannot be mounted on the spaceship. It is only used by other companies to create a final item.

Layer 3

Once a company finishes building a Layer 3 item, the company can list it for sale on the in-game market.

Layer 3 items must be sold first through the in-game market ( which is linked to the KroganSwap marketplace ) in order to pay the faction fee of 10%.

Once a player purchases a Layer 3 item from the in-game market, can choose to: - mount it on their own spaceship to increase one of its dynamic attributes (increase is 25-35%) - sell it on any marketplace (Example: KroganSwap)

Mounting an item ( adding your item on one spaceship to increase abilities )

Each spaceship will have a limited amount of slots to mount an item, depending on level:

Level 1-2: 2 slots Level 3-4: 3 slots Level 5-6: 4 slots Level 7-8: 5 slots Level 9-10: 6 slots Each item has a level, so it can be upgraded.

Durability A durability system has been put in place, to keep the items scarce. After owning an item you have 2 choices: 1. Use it on one spaceship and keep it there forever (no durability - it won't expire) (To mount an item go to Menu -> Spaceships -> Click Configure) 2. Use it on one spaceship, then unmount it and mount it on another and so on. However, all items have a limited number of uses. Every time you move your item, the counter will increase. Generally, an item's durability is 2-3 uses. Every time you use your item on one spaceship -> it counts as 1 use. Mount it again on another spaceship -> it counts as 2nd use. When you already reached the max number of uses, the player's only option is to recycle the item and get back part of the raw materials used to create it. It cannot be mounted again.

Make sure you unmount all items before selling a spaceship.

Each item in the game follows a specific crafting recipe, as follows:


Increases the Speed Dynamic Attribute of the spaceship by 30-40.


Increases the Shield Dynamic Attribute of the spaceship together with Recharge time, Shield size, Rotation (rotation speed). Protection angle between 50-70.


Increases the Armor Dynamic Attribute of the spaceship by 30-40.

Propulsion Module

Increases the Acceleration Dynamic Attribute of the spaceship by 12-18.


Increases the Radar Dynamic Attribute of the spaceship. This module extends the radar radius on the map by 3000-6000.

Mining Laser

Increases the Mining Dynamic Attribute of the spaceship by 10-15.

Life Support

Increases the Crew number that your spaceship can accommodate by 30-40. This will help when colonizing planets and creating companies.

Maintenance Drones

Speeds up the Repair time of the spaceship when damaged - 12-18% faster.

Storage Bay

Increases the Cargo Dynamic Attribute of the spaceship by 30-40. Having more cargo space allows for carrying more materials.

Hull Superstructure

Increases the Health Dynamic Attribute of the spaceship by 300-400.

Reaction Control Thrusters

Increases the Evasion Dynamic Attribute of the spaceship by 9-13.

Warp Drive

This is a Bonus module, increasing the Distance & Time. It allows for extremely fast travel between the solar systems - up to 2-3 hexes at one time. 🚀

6 Weapon Module types coming soon 😎🚀

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