Krogan NFTs

All the items in the game are NFTs
With the help of the NFT system built on Elrond, we develop all the items needed in the game to be a unique NFT with various attributes.
NFT Properties
  • NFTs have 2 sets of attributes: static & dynamic ones.
  • NFTs are split into 10 levels.
  • Each level has a ~10% increase in dynamic attributes from level to level.
  • Each level has a different rarity - defined by static attributes.

Static attributes

These represent the visual composition of the NFT. Any visual asset used in the Krogan game is split into multiple layers each with its rarity. Combining all the attributes we get completely unique items — no 2 items have the same static attributes.

Dynamic attributes

Dynamic attributes make your NFT useful in the game, by giving it more power.
These have a random value at the start based on the Level of the NFT you're minting. The higher the level, the better the attributes. Dynamic attributes can be upgraded.
The dynamic attributes will help you be a more powerful opponent for your enemies, complete more complex missions in the game, travel faster, and help your faction more.
Higher tier spaceships will have a benefit in cargo, speed, health.
Lower tier spaceships will have a benefit in acceleration, accuracy, evasion. They also work great together, in hives, if you own more of them.
Shield, Armour, Attack & Mining will start with a random number and increase depending on the level.
All attributes can be improved with items and upgrades. We already started implementing the system for generating and upgrading them. The process will be just connecting your wallet and hitting “Generate attributes”. From that point, that NFT will be linked forever with those attributes and you can start upgrading them. The upgrading system will also be available and you will be able to upgrade the spaceship, wait for a cooldown, and repeat. ( the cooldown is not yet defined but will be exponential ).
Dynamic Attributes:
  • Cargo: the space to carry items/materials and your crew
  • Speed: how fast it can move around the map
  • Shield: seconds of temporary blocking all attacks
  • Armor: how much of the damage is taken
  • Attack: base attack power
  • Acceleration: the rate at which speed and direction can change
  • Health: how much damage it can take until the crew surrenders
  • Accuracy: the accuracy of attacks
  • Evasion: a chance of avoiding attacks
  • Mining: how fast it can mine

Levels explained

Each level has a different strategy. Low-tier ships can be more agile and work better in pairs, forming a hive attack strategy. They are great for spying, exploring the map, sending them on risky missions, etc. On the other side of the scale, high-tier ships are strong, powerful, fast on long distances, big cargo, and can support a higher amount of crew. Nevertheless, going with a high-level spaceship in the unknown and getting crushed by a raiding army, is too much of a risk.
You can own multiple ships from multiple levels and make missions at the same time. Choose wisely!
Tips: - You can play with multiple spaceships at once. Doing different missions. - Small-level ships will have a hive attributes boost.