Conflicts and Alliances

In the Krogan universe, each faction has to protect its own kind. At any point, you can find yourself in a conflict without even looking for one.

Small conflicts

Moving around the map, looking for new planets to colonize, or asteroids to mine, you can encounter aggressive players from other factions and they could attack you.

Strategic invasions

You can group with a few fellows from your faction and invade some planets to steal some resources and slow down the production. By doing this, you risk hurting your crew if the enemy defenses are too strong.

If you are seen coming, they can even prepare a small defending army. That will really hurt your chances of success.

Leaving your galaxy to pursue attacks, will leave your faction vulnerable, as traveling between galaxies takes time.

High scale wars

If 2 factions attack each other too much, a proposal for war can be made within your own faction. A high-scale war takes a few days and multiple factors are involved to decide the winner. Throughout these days, lots of mini-wars in real-time multiplayer and algorithmic decisions will take place. The winner is going to get a percentage of the losing faction taxes for an amount of time. ( The amounts are to be set on a later stage )

Keep in mind: wars are expensive and can leave you vulnerable. Have a strategy in place, before jumping into this decision.


There are 2 types of alliances: non-attack treaties & trading permits.

As the name suggests, the non-attack treaty notifies players that they are about to attack an ally. They can still do it if they choose to.

The trading permit allows companies to sell items, without hijacking, between factions.

Only 2 alliances per faction are allowed. Choose wisely!

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