Krogan Game documentation

The game features an entire universe of opportunities. All features are securely built on blockchain.

Starting with a spaceship and a small crew, you get assigned to one of the 10 factions. The main goal of the game is to help your faction to become the most powerful one. Collaborate, build, mine, defend and win!

User experience

The game will feature a browser UI with a lot of interaction between different game mechanics and a full blockchain experience. Some of the game mechanics will feature real-time multiplayer with up to 100 players per server.

The real-time multiplayer features will be used for outer space missions, wars & mining resources. Everything else will be packed in a web3 application with an easy-to-use UI.

We also understand that in this busy world not everyone will always have time to be at their laptops to play. Therefore, the game will shortly be available on iOS and Android platforms.


The main currency of the game will be the Krogan Token. It can be used to colonize planets, create your companies, upgrade items or used in the KroganSwap marketplace.

Every transaction in the game will also have a tax. Read more about it here.

Game Story

The player distributions to factions will be done automatically at the start of the game. All players in a faction need to collaborate to strengthen the foundation of the faction by upgrading their ships, improving the faction defenses, growing the technology stack, creating companies.

All these efforts will bring benefits to all players in the faction.

Having a strong and competent faction that collaborates well and features great technology can then pursue expansion and go to war for supremacy.

Important: Some things, in the game system, are subject to change if we see fit. Our main goal is to create a balanced game, enjoyable and sustainable long term.

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